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Wood & Design Services

Here at Exquisite Wood Designs Inc. our primary focus is on quality and integrity.  Let our experienced staff guide you through the design process to create customized, one of a kind wood pieces for your home or office.

Whether you are looking to update your kitchen with a modern appeal, or starting from scratch with your new bathroom, we can help make your ideas come to life.  With our state of the art 3D rendering system you no longer have to imagine your space, we can show it to you!  No more guess work and crossed fingers.  What you see is what you get.

Quality from start to finish is key at Exquisite Wood Designs Inc..  We take every precaution to ensure well thought out designs, customer satisfaction, and timely, stress free expert installation.

Kitchen Cabinets

Exquisite Wood Designs Inc, is the Premier Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturer & Designer in Owen Sound, Ontario. Take a look at the Kitchen Galleries for more images of beautiful Kitchen Cabinets. Exquisite Wood Designs Inc, has over 100 of already designed styles for you Kitchen Cabinet needs.

Common styles of our Kitchen Designs are;

  • Open Concept feature Island
  • Open Concept w/o Island
  • Breakfast Bar Concept
  • Closed Concept

For more information on cleaning your wood products please see this guide.

Bathroom Cabinets

For the highest quality and expert service, please call Exquisite Wood Designs Inc. to receive advice on your custom built and professionally installed custom bathroom cabinets. Be sure to take a look at our Bathroom Cabinets Gallery for images of how Exquisite Wood Designs Inc. customers have transformed their homes.

Closets & Organizers

Say goodbye to plastic drawers, and cheap do it yourself organizers.  At Exquisite Wood Designs Inc. our emphasis is on quality and we guarantee that you will notice the difference!

We believe that closets and organizers can accentuate the aesthetic appeal of your space and can be designed to fit seamlessly into any room.  They shouldn’t be hidden away within your space, but rather they should be thought of as an eye popping addition to your home or office.

Office Spaces

Exquisite Wood Designs Inc. can help you make the office space of your dreams.  Our specialized designers can work with you to create unique wood furniture and cabinetry that will make your office look professional and distinguished.

Whether your looking for bookshelves, desks, or cabinets Exquisite Wood Designs Inc. has the professional experience and expert knowledge to make your office space usable, durable, and modern, at a competitive price.

Custom Installation

Let Exquisite Wood Designs Inc.’s experienced installation technicians take the worry out of your home renovation or construction.  These professionals will ensure the timely and stress free installation of your well thought out customized wood designs.

From design through to installation, Exquisite Wood Design Inc. puts in the time and effort necessary to make your design a reality.  Satisfaction guaranteed!

Respect for your home is a priority to our staff, and we spare no effort in maintaining the dignity and comfort of your home throughout the installation process.

3D Rendering

At Exquisite Wood Designs Inc., your experience starts with a visit to our Showroom.  There, you can view many display rooms and meet your design specialist.  We take great care in the design, manufacture, and installation of every project we undertake; big or small.

That means that your design is customized to be a perfect fit for any room in your home.

Our state of the art design software allows you to view your project as a three-dimensional picture, so that you can visualize the design in your own space before it’s manufactured.  No more nervous decisions or second-guessing your choices. What you see is what you get at Exquisite Wood Designs Inc.!

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